Saturday, January 7, 2012

In the meantime...

While I am gathering information for future posts I thought I would share this link to keep you occupied while you wait.

Impediments of War: The Civil War Talk Radio Companion is a site dedicated to archiving the program "Civil War Talk Radio" hosted by Gerald Prokopowicz, Professor and Chair of the history department of East Carolina University.
I include the web address for Impediments of War due to its ease of use as compared to the home of Civil War Talk Radio.
Professor Prokopowicz has been doing his show since 2004, and the archive contains over 200 hours of interviews with many noted historians and authors including, Edwin Bearss, David Blight, Gary Gallagher, Caroline Janney, and James McPherson. It is well worth listening to, and you are not nailed down to one spot while you are listening. If you have not found the site yet, check it out. You wont be disappointed.

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