Thursday, June 7, 2012

More YouTube Research

No! Really! I went to YouTube for real research! You see, several years back I heard a song by the Outlaws titled "Cold Harbor" and decided that one day I would compile an album[?] of songs that had a Civil War theme. Well, by extension this leads me to listen to the song for clues about battles, generals, and what a soldier is feeling. Many of them take artistic license with the lyrics and are not of much use for serious research, but they do tell good stories,  and I love a good ballad.Through the years I have heard many such songs and tonight I decided to wade around for some that I remembered. My only criteria  is that the song be produced sometime between 1940 to the present. That opens up a very broad range of musical genre's but I do not foresee any of the newer talents producing a song about the Civil War. But if they do I will at least listen to it even if it is not in line with my taste.

It is tempting to add some of the modern day renditions of songs that were popular during the Civil War, but that is a whole other project. Who doesn't like "Jine the Cavalry"?

I know I mentioned "Cold Harbor" at the top but I think I will change course a bit and show one for the Trans-Mississippi. This is a cover of "Ben McCulloch" which I feel is every bit as good as the original. Give it a listen! Steve Earle did the original and it is also on YouTube.

And if you have made it this far reading my post, here is "Cold Harbor" by the Outlaws. It is perhaps one of the most mournful songs I have heard. Its only drawback is the extended instrumental at the end but it is still a great song.

I wonder if there is a market for this album?

The Picket

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