Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Additions at The Picket

This post is intended to draw your attention to my Blog Roll since I have added a couple of great blogs to the list. I believe folks that do such a good job presenting their work through their blogs should get some recognition and I do not mind sending the readers of The Picket to their sites.

First up is "A Day in the Life  of the Civil War",  by Living In Vermont. I do not know the persons name, or what they do for a living and to preserve their privacy I have not asked. I can tell you that this blog is a gem! It is a "morning coffee" blog as you can read it in a short amount of time without being late to work or overrunning your coffee break. It focuses on the lesser known things of the war and often gives web addresses pertaining to the post just written. Some of them turn out to be quite well documented and interesting in their own right. I believe you will enjoy this one.

The other blog recently added is Tim Talbott's "Random Thoughts on History". This is another "morning coffee" blog but a little more in depth and always contains good stuff. Mr. Talbott does many book reviews, some books are new, some are old, but always helpful when trying to pick your next read. He also does a lot of work on slaves and  the slavery issue. It is not entirely centered on the American Civil War or the years surrounding it, but I would say 95 percent is a good percentage!

Both blogs are updated regularly, almost daily I should say, and are worth a look so please, loyal reader, check them out. I am sure they would be glad to have you visit!

Another recent addition here at The Picket is not a blog but the "Follow Me By Email" gadget. I added that since my posts tend to be irregular, and it will save you all the time you take clicking to a post you have already read. I am still working toward posting more often but until then please follow by email! And become a follower here if you have a Google account. There is room for you.

Thank you for stopping by here at The Picket. Without someone to read it, even occasionally, it would not be as much fun. As always I hope when you do stop by you enjoy the read.

The Picket

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