Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Neat Find

I found this little jewel while searching for the Compiled Service Records for Georgia Soldiers. Yes I know it has nothing to do with those men, but I did find it interesting and thought you might also.

This is from the Anti Slavery Alphabet, a small book intended to teach children the ABC's while informing them about slavery. It was written by Hannah and Mary Townsend of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and presented by them to the Female Anti Slavery Society of that city, to be used at a fund raising fair in December 1846.

Frankly, I can not comment much on this little work as I do not know enough about the abolition movement to make an informative post. I will say that as an educational device, it seems to be more advanced than a typical child of 5 or 6 could comprehend while trying to learn their letters. It is not written like the kindergarten or first grade spellers I remember. It goes way beyond A is for Apple and B is for Bird. The rest of the book can be found at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History at the link below.

This will take you straight to the book, but Adobe Flash v 10 player is recommended to view it. The following link will take you to the digital archives offered by the MDA&H.

The MDA&H also has on line Confederate pension records available for Mississippians as well as old photo collections and other documents. It offers the estate papers of Jefferson F. Davis, his last will and testament is written in his own hand.

The Mississippi archive website is one of the better ones I have encountered. It is easy to navigate and has a good selection of digitized material.

Now, where are those Georgians?

The Picket

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