Friday, December 7, 2012

Latest Blog Roll Additions

School is out! I will not return to class until early January so hopefully I will get some things accomplished here at The Picket.

With this post I am going to take care of updating my Blog Roll. This is something that I have overlooked far to long. You may have already noticed these additions but I would like to share my thoughts with you.

I would also like to point out that if a blog appears here I do read and enjoy it. Some of them I do “follow” if they have that application. However, I do not troll the Internet “following” blogs in order to draw traffic to mine. It is my way of letting them know their work is appreciated. Besides, not all blogs have the “follow” option. My blog roll is intended to showcase the talents of lesser known writers. Most of the blogs do not show up on any radar although a couple do appear on one or two other lists.

Now, the additions...

History by Zim- Beyond the Textbooks

This is not really a blog, but kinda sorta is. It is an eclectic mix of social, political, and military history. It mostly deals with United States History but it is not limited to this country. It is heavy with photographs which I find fascinating. I have always loved old photos especially clothing and machinery. You can also find old letters there, another thing I really enjoy. The compiler of this site is Jessica Zimmerman and she does a remarkable job of gathering all of this stuff to put into one place. The site is frequently updated so a daily peek at it will will not hurt. This is good place to start trips down memory lane or explore what was happening when your Dad was younger.

Zim also has a blog called “Zim's Ramblings” where she, as the title implies, rambles about things. It is not as frequent, but it is a fun read.

Our Country's Fiery Ordeal

Written by Dan Vermilya, this blog focuses on the Battle of Antietam, but has a good mix of content. Mr. Vermilya is a park ranger at the Antietam National Battlefield. He earned a Master of Arts Degree in American History. You can find book and movie reviews there from time to time as well as the main content relating to the American Civil War. He has posted things about U.S. Grant, Shiloh, and of course, Antietam.

This is not strictly a retelling of the battle, but also encompasses things that lead up to the battle away from the field, before and after the fact. It is well written and updated regularly, usually weekly. Bookmark it and enjoy!

Civil War Saga

Last but certainly not least is Civil War Saga brought to us by Rebekah Brooks. This one rapidly became my favorite. Ms. Brooks has recently focused her talents on civil war prisons and lady spies. I enjoy her writing style and the fact that she uses a “serial” method of posting the information. By that I mean she may write two or three posts on the same topic, then move to a different story. It allows the reader to keep up with the information. I have found that she never is truly finished with a subject. A topic might disappear for a while but will return later. It never gets dull that way! She writes with an easy to read style that gets the point across very well. To show the range of subjects she covers, Dinosaurs In Gettysburg, is an interesting read so click on this link or copy and paste it in your browser. This post actually cemented her position on my blog roll. The blog is not regularly updated and time between posts can be about 2 weeks. Sometimes she sneaks them in more frequently. The reason it takes so long I imagine is the fact she also produces two other blogs! (amazing) She is also a freelance writer so time may be at a premium for her. Nevertheless, it is well worth the wait. She also has a “Picture of the Day” gallery in the sidebar so you will always have a reason to visit!

Please check these blogs out, I am sure they would appreciate the visit!
And thanks for stopping by!

The Picket

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